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IVF Fertility: One of the most successful ways to get pregnant

Have you ever been thinking about the importance of health care and its monitoring? All of your organs and systems are working day by day to ensure your good state. So the highest quality medical treatment and check-ups will be the best gratitude to your body. 

And it is especially important when we are speaking about Fertility health.

Fertility health

Fertility means the ability of sexually mature person to give offspring. 

According to guidance from the World Health Organization, women need to visit a gynecologist at least every 6-12 months (even with no evident complaints). 

Guidance for men is the same. They need to be examined by a urologist-andrologist at least once a year (up to the age of 40 years).

To get a clear picture of your health (fertility in particular), you would better undergo the examination pull to determine reproductive abilities.

The following steps are must for the first stage:

  • Ultrasound examination 

  • FSH, LH, AMH tests (other hormones tests on request)

  • Reproductive specialist examination

If you are on the way of getting pregnant - the quality specialists help is the must for your well-being and the well-being of your future procreation.

ADONIS Fertility International

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies represents the all-new clinics with a variety of directions. 

ADONIS Fertility branch remains one of the leading and the most requested. 

The variety of options includes IVF treatment, Surrogacy experience, Prenatal care services and Delivery with comfort. 

For more than 23 years we have created everything perfect for patients from the whole world. From Canada to the USA, from Europe to Asia - everyone is welcomed in ADONIS to experience the well-thought-out treatment process which is really efficient.

ADONIS IVF Fertility

In case of some fertility issues or infertility in one of the partners, IVF can be a perfect choice for your treatment process.

IVF is the latest technology the main point of which is to increase the chances of the couple to conceive.  

IVF process include the following steps: 

  • Stimulation of ovulation 

  • Oocyte collection

  • Tube fertilization

  • Embryos implementation 

  • Pregnancy control

The main ADONIS IVF technology distinctions

  • High quality level

ADONIS 'own embryo laboratory provides a total safety confidence. Only sterile surfaces and materials, especially when it comes to interaction with biological material. European manufactured and certificated equipment to reach the highest accuracy and efficiency. 

  • Controlling 

Fertilization process is carried out by professionals and under additional control of a reproductologist. For successful manipulation, we create special conditions which are nearly identical to the one in a woman's body - proper temperature level, humidity and carbon dioxide presence. 

  • Medical lead-up

ADONIS clinics include their own laboratories to monitor health indicators of mother and her future baby. 3D ultrasound examination with baby heartbeat record, intrauterine fluid check, tests to examine baby state and chromosomes number, etc. 

  • Delivery control

ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals provide different packages for your comfort delivery. Constant care with accommodation for you and your partner - one of the most memorable events in your life deserves the best place to be in.

Fertility means a lot for a full life and healthy procreation. ADONIS IVF Fertility treatment does not require additional representation, because of our experience and merit. 


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